With over 50 years of combined experience in cranes and arboriculture, Big Tree Pros has come to see the value in not only sharing our diverse knowledge but also teaching both experienced and novice climbers the art of tree removal with cranes.


At Big Tree Pros, we understand that people come from all backgrounds and experiences, some have gained certifications for crane operation and some have learned on the fly. With the influx of cranes in arboriculture, there is a giant demand for marrying the skills of a master crane operator and knowledge of a climber into one harmonious dance that defies gravity and physics sometimes. We look to provide an immersive and comprehensive training environment that teaches the science behind cranes and rigging for cranes as well as the practical application of skills in daily operations. From the physics of cranes to the management of weight in loads, Big Tree Pros brings our commitment to safety to training with a focus on increased production in a safe manner.


 Each class will receive both classroom and practical training depending on if you are an operator or climber/rigger or grounds person. This course will also work in conjunction with CTSP’s to approved operations on company levels in proficiency in cranes. Big Tree Pros looks forward to working with each and every industry individual to create a safe understanding and skill set of cranes in arboriculture. Until we have no more incidents, we will not be finished sharing our love and passion for cranes, tree care, and safety.