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Our company’s purpose is to provide Safety Training in the Arboriculture Industry with a focus on the removal of trees with the use of telescopic boom cranes. Our classroom and practical training will result in heightened safety awareness as well as an increase in productivity. Ultimately creating safer workplace practices within this high-risk industry.

 We are a company with 50 years of experience in the tree care industry working with cranes and professional arborist throughout the United States.

The training I received from big tree pros is beyond beneficial as safety is a number one priority with Sims and Chris. No tree or job is the same but simple techniques I learned have worked comfortably in every situation while I stood on my spikes to making a blind spar pick, patience and professionalism I highly recommend Big tree pros and rate them at five stars. Sam Morgan, tree climber U.S.A

Sam Morgan


Let me tell you something about The Big Tree Pros and how much Sims has helped my company. First off, I am new to the crane business and had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea about what ton, size, new or used, etc. Sims took time out of his day to talk me through the whole process. It is hard to put into words what he has meant to a company that invested everything in a crane and had no idea how to use it. We now are doing bigger weeks and days that I could have only dreamed about. It is all about safety, efficiency, and probability. He is a great guy and very easy to get along with. In 2 weeks time, he took a company with no crane experience and turned us into machines!

Chad Benton

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